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Moonfleet Dental Health Care

Company: Moonfleet Dental Health Care
Address: 30 Bournemouth Road, Poole,
Dorset BH14 0ES
Category: Poole Dentists
Telephone: 01202 741622
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Contact: Maria Hearne

Holistic Dental Care
Doctors John and Mary Ahearne run the dental practice with a holistic approach to dental health and the philosophy that:
 Oral health is more than healthy teeth
 Oral health is integral to general health

Moonfleet dental practice is situated between Poole and Bournemouth on the A35.

About our Poole practice and what we can offer you:
  • We do not use any mercury; therefore we do not use any silver amalgam fillings
  • Biological dentistry offers a ´holistic´ approach to dental care; we plan our care with respect to our patient´s general health and biology
  • Customised care uses the care and materials most appropriate to the individual patient
  • Toxicity of materials used is a serious issue to us, in addition to mercury dental materials such as cadmium, nickel, gold and titanium may also become detrimental to our patient´s health
  • Gum disease impacts on the health of the rest of the body and has been shown to be linked to other serious health problems; we are therefore committed to tackling gum disease
  • Root canals and cavitations - Toxicity from root canal treated teeth and jaw cavitations can become the cause of ill health and pain. John was the first European dentist to use a Cavitat machine to help detect these under diagnosed areas.
  • TMJ dysfunction - Positioning and function of the jaw joint has implications for posture and therefore pain and muscle tenderness in the head, neck and back. The biological dentist is very interested in the jaw joint and can diagnose and treat mal or dysfunction.
  • Nutrition and Homeopathy - We offer dietary advice and supplements for specific detoxifications or disease states. We work closely with homeopaths and use homeopathy to support our treatments.
  • Patient categories are assigned to each patient to further tailor our approach to their needs. Therefore generally healthy patients will not undergo unnecessary examinations and tests, and the more concerned patients can be fully examined.
We also have a Periodontal clinic and offer Orthodontics.

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Further information about the practice, the philosophy and all of the services mentioned here can be found on our website.

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