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Stricklands Dental Fitness Centre - Haslemere dentists

Dentist in Haslemere

Stricklands Dental Fitness Centre

Treating more than your teeth

Company: Stricklands Dental Fitness Centre
Address: Longdene Lodge, Longdene Road, Haslemere,
Surrey GU27 2QB
Category: Haslemere Dentists
Telephone: 01428 654923
Visit our Web Site:

Contact: Simon Allen

Stricklands Dental Fitness Centre
Stricklands is an award-winning modern dental practice based in the heart of Haslemere, Surrey.

We are only 55 minutes from Waterloo station and can arrange an overnight stay at the Inn on the Hill if you are travelling a long distance. A car park is available on site.
Our Haslemere Dental Practice is a short walk from Haslemere Station.

For a map of where to find us in Haslemere click here.

Stricklands Dental Centre is 17miles from Central Guildford, and approximately a 20 minute drive from Central Guildford.

Restorative care:
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Tooth Whitening
  • Veneers
  • Implants
  • Facial Aesthetics
  • Our in-house laboratory
  • Dental products
Specialist Dental Services:
In addition to the usual dentist services that we offer, we have a number of specialist dentists at our dental practice, offering a number of specialist dental services. Like the other dental services that we offer these specialist dental services are also of a very high standard of quality.
The specialist dentists and services at our dental health centre include:
? Orthodontist
? Endodontist
? Periodontist
? Oral Surgery
? Paedatric Dentist

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