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City Dentics

Company: City Dentics
Address: 27 Throgmorton Street, London,
Category: London Dentists
Telephone: 020 7920 0700
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Contact: Oliver Harman

We founded Dentics in 1989, with a philosophy based on one simple idea: A great smile does more than just make you look good - it also makes you feel great!

It?s a philosophy we?ve been pursuing ever since, by offering our clients a full range of cosmetic treatments as well as first class healthcare dentistry. They?re two approaches with one aim:

The days when cosmetic dentistry was only for models and film stars are long gone - although we still count quite a few among our clients. But most of them are just ordinary people who want to look good; people who realise the impact that a great smile has on their confidence - and on their lives. Hardly surprising, when you consider that three out of four adults believe a nice smile is important to a successful career.

The team at Dentics realise that we live in fast moving, demanding and often stressful world. We have tailored our service to provide a calming environment in which all your dental needs can be fulfilled at one single location. Our dedicated team of general, specialist and cosmetic dentists are trained to provide a range of specialist services with flexible appointment hours to remove the stress out of dentistry.

Our multi-disciplinary approach enables Dentics to provide excellent continuity between our cross section of specialists to ensure our clients are receiving the finest care possible to create and maintain a beautiful smile. The Dentics team firmly believe in providing ongoing preventative care, which may include routine dental health checks and hygiene appointments, to make sure you are receiving the best possible pre and post treatment care and experience.

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