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Affordable Dental Implants in Essex, UK

By: Perfect Smile Spa

Dentists in Essex and all over UK are finding that many people are enquiring about dental implants. Dental implants offer a great solution to replace missing teeth.

Dental Implants – success rates
Dental implants are usually the most successful way to replace teeth. Studies have shown over 90% success rate over a 15 year period.

Advantages of dental implants
Dental implants are fixed, non removable option to replace teeth. Dental implants will improve health, function, eating and sunken cheeks and improve cosmetics.

Carifree - Stops tooth decay

By: Yvonne Poole - Appledore Dental Clinic

Appledore clinic is one of the first dental clinics in the UK to make Carifree easily available to their patients. This revolutionary new treatment can be used to prevent dental decay and most amazingly to STOP active dental decay.

For years we have been treating dental decay by cutting out the decayed bits of your teeth and placing fillings, and many people have found that every time they visit their dentist they need yet more fillings.

Scientific research has shown that those people who continually need new fillings have a lot of acid producing and acid loving bacteria in their mouths that cause the damage. The bacterial infection causing decay is called 'Caries'.

The Makeover - what and when

By: Yvonne Poole - Appledore Dental Clinic

A few years ago, Dr Day had the idea for a competition and talked to some of her business friends. They were quite keen but it took a number of meetings with many media representatives before she finally managed to secure The Bracknell News as a partner.

The Makeover was launched Valentines week 2008, entrants were invited to send in a picture with their story about how they deserved a makeover. The three makeover providers looked at all the entrants and chose 10 people as semi finalists. These semi finalists all had a full dental and facial examination with Dr Teresa Day and a health and fitness assessment with Rachel McGuinness.

Private dental clinic slashes prices

By: Yvonne Poole - Appledore Dental Clinic

One of the most established private dental clinics in MK has recently slashed priced for routine dental treatment.

“ We appreciate people are finding it harder to budget for their dental work and have been able to reduce some of our basic prices due to sourcing more cost effective suppliers” says Dr Teresa Day, Clinical Director

New Concept in patient care for nervous patients!

By: Yvonne Poole - Appledore Dental Clinic

In a recent study over 75% of dental patients questioned stated that they had a level of anxiety before an appointment. These are the patients that actually attended, how many are too frightened? 15 million people in the UK have some form of stress related condition.

Calm Horizon in conjunction with Appledore Dental Clinic offers a service that combines clinical hypnotherapy and dental expertise to benefit Appledore patients. If you are nervous, stressed, frightened of needles, the sound of the drill or the smell of the surgery - hypnotherapy can help.

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By: Dr Uchenna Okoye - London Smiling Dental Group

Research by the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) has shown that a new smile can make you appear more interesting, intelligent, successful and wealthy to others. Now add the fact that cosmetic dentistry enhances personal self-esteem by making people look better and feel better about themselves and it is no wonder so many people are opting for this option!

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Minimal Preparation Techniques for Porcelain Laminate Veneers

By: Jay Padayachy and David Bloom - Senova Dental Studio

In this article we will take the visual diagnostic try-in to complete a minimal preparation veneer case. This will be exemplified by the case study along with a step-by-step series of photographs.

At the time of presentation the patient, who we use to demonstrate this technique, was a 25 year old male who ran his own highly successful company and dealt with customers on a day-to-day basis. He wanted to close the gaps between his teeth, he also felt that the central incisors were not dominant enough and were a little too rounded. He felt this made him look immature which was inconstant with his status. He wanted a perfect, lighter smile.

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Are your lines and wrinkles getting you down..? Don’t worry help is at hand...

By: Yvonne Poole -Appledore Clinic

Most people are aware of the dental treatments that are available nowadays and that, basically, if you want a dental problem fixed there are now various solutions that you can have, other than dentures. Also people seem to be aware that whitening is a treatment that is relatively quick and painless that can take quite a few years off your face.

Not so many people are aware of the risk free treatments that come under the heading of Facial Aesthetics, these being muscle relaxants, fillers, microdermabrasion and IPL (intense pulsed light). These are a few of the solutions to the age old problem of ageing that don't involve costly and invasive surgery or months of recovery time. However, don't wait until the day before you go to a wedding or other event, plan ahead, so you can go to your event with maximum results and have people wondering how you keep so youthful!
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Using technology to achieve rapid improvements in dental treatment – the digital smile

By: Mark Oborn MDTA LBIDST Dip Mgmt
Director, SBO Dental laboratory Ltd

When you go to a dentist many treatments are carried out on that day (fillings for example), however some treatments involve actually making something customised for you; we call these’ restorative options’, they are crowns (caps), veneers, implants and dentures. They are used to replace defective teeth (a defect could be decay or cosmetic) and to enhance smiles. It is to the ‘restorative treatment options’ that this article is dedicated.

When you have a crown (cap), veneer or denture made it is made by a dental technician on prescription from a dentist… the writer of this article is a dental technician.
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Dentistry in Focus with Dr Andrew Prynne of Definitive Dentistry

By: Andrew Prynne, Definitive Dentistry

Dentists in Bournemouth

– “Tooth Restoration as Nature Intended with CEREC 3D”

Dr. Andrew Prynne of Definitive Dentistry in Bournemouth is one of the very few dentists in the area to provide this cutting edge technology.
The Cerec 3D system is able to restore almost any part of a filled or damaged tooth to its natural form and function in a single appointment.
Historically, cavities in teeth have been restored in the mouth by packing the defect with a soft filling material, which the dentist has to shape by hand before it sets. Heavily damaged teeth have been restored by a laboratory technician over a two-week period on a model of the remaining tooth structure provided by the dentist – in the meantime, patients have had to wear vulnerable plastic, temporary covers over the teeth before having these removed again at the final fitting appointment.

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Tooth Whitening by Elaine Halley - Principal of Cherrybank Dental Spa

By: Elaine Halley - Principal of Cherrybank Dental Spa

Dentists in Perth

– “Tooth Whitening”

There are currently many techniques available within the field of conservative and restorative dentistry, which allow for greater conservation of tooth tissue than with conventional indirect techniques.

Aesthetic improvement may be desired by patients for a number of reasons, for instance, the colour, position, or shape of teeth. Tooth whitening or dental bleaching can be an effective technique for the treatment of discoloured teeth.

The problem with these treatments occurs due to continuing negotiations between the BACD/GDC and Europe as to what is legal or illegal in the practice of tooth whitening. This controversy has been ongoing for many years, and is still going on now – leaving many of the profession uncertain as to what they are allowed to offer their patients under European regulations.

UK Teeth a Whiter Shade of Pale

By: The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

London UK, 12th March 2007 - The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the not-for-profit, leading organisation for the advancement and ethical delivery of cosmetic dentistry, today unvieled results for the first-ever members' audit to track industry statistics and reveal the most popular procedures across the UK. Membership to the Academy currently stands at over 650 and Board members have successfully launched the project by having their own private practices audited

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Overseas Dental Holidays Poses Grave Risks
You'll Pay for it Later, Warns the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

By: The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

London UK, 17th November 2006 - The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the not-for-profit, leading organisation for the advancement and ethical delivery of cosmetic dentistry, today told press conference at the Britannia Hotel at 10:30am, to urge caution for patients considering cheap cosmetic dentistry offers from abroad. This is the BACD's first-ever consumer press event, taking place during their Annual Meeting, which is attended by over 400 dentists from all over the country.

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